Hair Vitalizing Vitamins
Hair Vitalizing Vitamins
Hair Vitalizing Vitamins

Hair Vitalizing Vitamins

28 reviews

For Effortlessly Longer, Healthier Hair

60 gummies per bottle


Go beyond conventional biotin-heavy supplements. 

Nourish your hair and body with the essential vitamins you need most. Discover the only complete multivitamin solution for effortlessly healthy hair from within.


  • Go beyond standard biotin supplements
  • Nourish hair with high-quality essential vitamins
  • Deliciously restore, strengthen, and grow healthier hair

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The Ultimate Hair Vitamin

Finally, a nutrient-packed multivitamin like no other. 

Carefully formulated to support longer, thicker, stronger hair with all the essential nutrients you need most. 

Ditch conventional hair supplements that only contain biotin. 

Choose our high-quality formula that targets multiple root causes of thinning hair while ditching the pink tax so you can enjoy the essentials of great health without unjustified gender-based pricing. 

Sure, genetics plays a role, but so do vitamins.  

Whether your goals are preventative or part of a responsive regimen, you can have the best hair possible with the right resource: Long Hair Don’t Care Multivitamin Gummies.

Manufactured in FDA Approved, GMP Certified Facilities

Helps to nourish, strengthen and boost growth of Hair, Nails and Skin.

Made with plant based non-GMO natural ingredients.

Our products are formulated right here in Sunny Florida USA!

Key Vitamins For Holistic Hair Health

Despite an abundant food supply, American women are deficient in many crucial vitamins. 

An increase in the intake of processed foods, a decline in nutrient-rich soil, and improperly balanced diets mean women benefit from a high-quality, drug-free, safe vitamin formula specifically designed for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Vitamins A

Also called retinol, this anti-aging powerhouse supports sebum secretion to promote moisture, scalp health and minimize hair breakage.

Vitamin C

A famously powerful antioxidant that helps your body create collagen, a protein necessary for strong hair and the absorption of iron for hair growth.

Vitamin D

One of the most common vitamin deficiencies, this vital sunshiny nutrient ends stunted hair growth by stimulating new and old hair follicles.

Vitamin E

Increase capillary circulation and neutralize oxidative stress on hair follicles to support a healthy scalp and put an end to lackluster hair.

Vitamin B6

This protein metabolism booster ensures cellular access to the building blocks of life (amino acids) necessary for growing strong, healthy hair.

Vitamin B12

Crucial to strong cellular production, B12 delivers oxygen-rich blood that feeds follicles and promotes healthy hair, nails, and skin.


Sometimes called vitamin H for its link to hair health, this B vitamin stimulates keratin production and faster follicle growth.

Pantothenic Acid

The ‘anti-stress’ B vitamin that regulates hormones helps to reduce premature graying and hair loss due to stress.


Essential, not only to hair growth but for hair repair, zinc plays a key role in the production of protein essential for healthy hair.

Folic Acid

Vital to healthy cellular growth and maintenance, folic acid is essential to nourish the replenishment of healthy skin, hair, and nails.

We Care About You


We make sure that our Vitamin Bottles are recyclable. We want to make sure our planet is beautiful for us and all of the coming generations!

Certified Vegetarian

We are Animal lovers and believe in sustainable living. That is why our Vitamins are 100% Vegetarian!

Made in The USA

Our products are formulated in sunny Florida USA! We make sure every bottle is packed with quality vitamins.

GMP Certified

All of our products are made 'Good Manufacturing Compliant'.


We only produce our vitamins in FDA inspected and approved facilities.

Animal Cruelty

None of our products are ever created, tested or produced using animals.


We carefully selected safe, non-toxic, non-GMO sources for all our ingredients.

Organically Grown

Only the best organically grown ingredients were sourced for our tailor-made multivitamin formula.

Natural Ingredients

Manufactured ingredients can be useful, but we sourced all-natural ingredients at every opportunity.

Our Long Hair Story

We wanted to put an end to the unjustifiable pink tax that leads to so many products with low quality and high prices as the status quo. 

Our journey led us to create high-quality products we would trust with our own family. In doing so, our formula has become a form of protest - an effort at counterculture, raising the bar for quality without breaking the bank. 

That’s the Long Hair Don’t Care Promise: 

We make sure you have the best products for the lowest possible price because we believe in safe, fair, holistic solutions that work. 

Find out more on our About Page.

Just The Facts

The Long Hair Don’t Care multivitamin is packed with all the essentials - everything you need to grow healthier, stronger, longer hair, faster. 

Our multivitamin also:

Promotes overall health

Improves skin health and complexion

Strengthens nails and promotes faster growth.

Stops hair and nail breakage

Adds shine and luster to dull hair

The Long Hair Don’t Care multivitamin gummies do not have any known side effects. However, please check the ingredients for any possible reaction due to a sensitivity or allergy you may have. If you have concerns or are taking medications, including prescription vitamins, check with your physician first.

We carefully designed a solution that we trust. We take our vitamins, and so do our close family and friends. We would never sell a product or formula that we wouldn’t trust with our closest circles.

As with all vitamin supplements, if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, please consult your physician before using Long Hair Don't Care vitamin supplements.

No, your hair will not fall out if you stop taking our vitamins. However, our supplement helps your body optimize hair health. If you have genetic or other factors, such as stress, that cause hair loss or thinning, these may become more apparent when you stop taking Long Hair Don’t Care vitamins. This is because our vitamins are designed to help you counteract these factors and support healthy hair growth.

Long Hair Don’t Care Vitamins work with all hair types, all textures, all hair colors, and all lengths.

To date, no customers have reported breakouts from our vitamins. We welcome customers to contact us with questions or concerns.

We want our vitamin gummies to be something you look forward to every day. Delicious routines are more likely to stick. Our gummies are fruit-flavored without tasting overly sweet.

No problem. Your health is of the utmost importance to us at Long Hair Don’t Care. We’ve created a library of helpful resources and information so you can continue your research and make the best decision for you. [insert link to a blog post on quality vitamin sourcing or similar.

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20 Jan 2021
Barba R.
A must!

I was hesitate at first, even took a month and a half but my hairs thicker then ever, and my nails are no longer cracking!

Long Hair Don't Care Hair Vitalizing Vitamins Review
12 Jan 2021
Jessica C.

Between the stress and my diet at college my hair had started to feel weak and start thinning. My mother had recommended these vitamins and they actually worked great after two months of use. After my non stop raving about it all my sorority sisters are hooked!

Long Hair Don't Care Hair Vitalizing Vitamins Review
17 Nov 2020
Megan M.
Love them

Three Generations love them! My mother, my daughter and me all use them and will not stop, ever!!

Long Hair Don't Care Hair Vitalizing Vitamins Review
06 Apr 2020
Maria P.
They taste so sweet

I love these long hair don’t care biotin gummies. I am not good about taking pills, but I actually look forward to eating these sweet, delicious tasting gummies. I am excited to see all the positive things they will do for my hair.

Long Hair Don't Care Hair Vitalizing Vitamins Review
06 Apr 2020
Biotin Gummies are Fantastic!

These biotin gummies are fantastic! Taste so delicious just like candy! I love how they have many other essential vitamins in them to keep not only my hair healthy, but my entire body healthy as well.

Long Hair Don't Care Hair Vitalizing Vitamins Review
24 Mar 2020
Maria C.
They Taste Delicious

These biotin gummies taste so delicious and are jam packed with so many other essential vitamins! I like how they’re made from natural ingredients and made right here in the USA! I can’t wait to grow some Long Beach waves for the summer with the help of long hair don’t care gummies! 5 stars all around!

Long Hair Don't Care Hair Vitalizing Vitamins Review